Wedding Ceremony Planning

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Wedding Ceremony Planning

Wedding ceremonies take time to create.Officiant Ric L.

Olive Tree Officiating ensures that your ceremony planning will be perfect. How do we do this? By providing each client with a Wedding Ceremony Planning Specialist. An experienced Officiant, working with you, your Planner/Coordinator, the Photographer and all other support professionals to ensure that your ceremony is exactly the way you want it to be.

Like any creative, unique work of art, planning a wedding ceremony that reflects the values and beliefs of the couple requires time and attention.

For each minute you invest in the planning of your wedding ceremony, you should expect to receive back years of satisfaction. A bride and groom will ask all kinds of questions about their special day. Flowers, food and fabric are only part of the total picture you will hope to create for your guests.

Ceremony planning should receive the same attention to detail as picking out colors, flowers and food.

Those minutes, hours, days and months you spend creating the vision that will become your wedding day, must include specific attention to the details of the ceremony. Music, vows, rings, bridal parties, attendants, guests of honor and special ceremonies are just a few of the components that bring out the “special” in your special day.

Wedding Ceremony Planning Specialists need to be consulted.Officiant Chuck T.

Most modern weddings include a Wedding Planner or Coordinator. At the very least you’ll consult with a site or venue coordinator or manager, someone who ensures a basic level of support so that the important things aren’t forgotten. The same is true for your ceremony. Olive Tree Officiating provides a Ceremony Planning Specialist for you. Now, instead of having only one Officiant to look over and design your ceremony, you have two professionals working on the specifics of your ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Planning Specialists ensure your creative past and present are included into your unique, and customized wedding ceremony.screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-2-28-06-pm

The Ceremony Planning Specialists is an experienced Officiant, someone with years of knowledge in the wedding industry, specifically focused on the ceremony planning, design and execution you will need on your special day. This person is kind of like a planner and they work in partnership with you, your fiance, the Officiant, your Wedding Planner and all of the other professionals present, to make sure your wedding ceremony happens without a problem.

The Ceremony Planning Specialist is present to maximize your creativity as it shows up in the ceremony.

Olive Tree Officiants have seen a few weddings. We live and breathe the wedding industry. That means we are ready to make suggestions for you, wording, ceremonies, inclusions and exclusions to your ceremony that will best embody your beliefs, values and history while painting a picture of the future you will lead with your fiance. We are here to help you capture the joyful past of two people in love, and to paint a picture of the exciting future you will have together. All of that, can be shown in the creation of your unique wedding ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Planning Specialists help you choose ceremony embellishments to bring out your unique character.

bride and bride with officiant in background

Officiant Leah S.

Whether it’s a sand ceremony, the inclusion of favorite pets, a family member singing a special song, the use of multiple languages, or the creation of vows that use ancient and modern language, we create ceremonies that embody the unique characteristics and personality of our bride’s and our groom’s. We also encourage our clients to reach back into history they share and even before, in order to include those family beliefs and values that will guide them forward together. 

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